For-Purpose Educational Fine Art Prints

Little Artimals is a Mum-run, Australian small business creating educational, beautiful, hand-drawn keepsake fine art prints and flashcards for your little ones.

H is for Hawksbill Turtle - Fine Art Print by Little Artimals

Initials & Single Letters​

The perfect gift for adding a beautiful personalised and educational piece of art to your little one’s nursery, bedroom or playroom.​

THOMAS Nursery Decor - Little Artimals Custom Name Print

Name Prints

Looking for a gift for a special little person? Name prints feature hand illustrated Australian Animals for each letter of your little one’s name.

Australian Animals Alphabet Poster Nursery & Kids Room Decor Wall Art- Little Artimals

Educational Art

Little ones can learn their letters and discover our unique Australian wildlife with hand illustrated alphabet posters and flashcards.

Educational & Unique

Little Artimals prints aim to introduce native Australian animals that even Mum and Dad may not have heard of!
Hand drawn in a realistic style, our prints aim to educate as well as to foster a love and respect of our native Australian wildlife.

Highest Quality Print

Printed in Australia by an expert fine art printer on the highest quality museum-grade fine art paper that is acid-free and fully archival so your print will stand the test of time and become a treasured keepsake.

Supporting conservation

A percentage of all sales made through Little Artimals is donated directly towards aiding and supporting Australian wildlife conservation - thank you!

Why purchase a Little Artimals print?

  • Encourage a love of Australia’s wildlife in your little one.
  • Support an Australian Mum-run business.
  • Support Australian Wildlife conservation – a percentage of every print sold is donated to supporting Australian wildlife conservation – thank you!
  • Purchase a beautiful piece of art for your little one’s room that not only looks great, but is educational too.
  • A gift that your little one will cherish as they grow and will become a treasured keepsake.
Little Artimals Personalised Name Prints

Featured Products

Turn your little one's initials into an educational and beautiful piece of art for their room. Designed to last, their print will become a cherished keepsake - the perfect personalised gift for the little one (or ones!) in your life.

Capturing Nature's Magic with Art

As a Melbourne-based Mum and Artist, I bring the wonders of the natural world to life through my detailed oil and pencil works. I’m particularly drawn to wildlife, from the intricate feathers of an emu to the mesmerising dance of sunlight on water. But my creative journey doesn’t stop there! I’m constantly exploring new subjects and expanding my artistic horizons to capture the broader magic hidden in the world around us.

Artist Jessica Hall with painting 'Noodle in Springtime', oil on canvas, 2024.

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