Personalised Wall Art Name Prints

Personalised Wall Art Name Prints

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If you would like a personalised wall art name print that is not already in the shop, please fill out the form and I will get back to you as soon as possible with a timeline and proof for your approval of your name print.

Please ensure you spell the name correctly 🙂

Read more about our personalised wall art name prints below, including some important considerations to make before ordering.

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Personalised Wall Art Name Print Pricing

Pricing for personalised name prints vary slightly due to the size of paper required for each name. As all names are different lengths, with different animal and letters, the size of the letters and the space between each letter changes. This means that the finished print size of the paper varies per name. The starting price for a custom name print is $140. This most often covers 4-5 letter names however is not guaranteed. Depending on the layout of the letters and animals, two different 5 letter names will most likely be two different finished sizes even though they both have the same amount of letters.There is absolutely no obligation to go ahead with the order when you request a quote so please do get in touch if you would like to know how much your personalised name print would cost. The more letters in a name, the more time will go into creating your artwork, as well as a higher the cost of printing due to more ink and more paper required. However, the longer names do look FABULOUS! One of the first names I did was for “Adelaide” and it’s one of my favourite prints!
Adelaide Custom Name Print Framed - Little Artimals

Important Things to Consider before Ordering a Personalised Wall Art Name Print

Cost of Framing

Framing is not included with your print. Shipping framed artworks is simply too risky as the frame is very often damaged in transit which can result in damaged artwork also.

Your print will be sent to you rolled in a hard cardboard tube, or flat in a hard card protective sleeve. Our printer is experienced in safely dispatching fine art prints and takes great care to ensure your print reaches you safely.

You can use this tube and protective sheet to transport your print to a professional framer to ensure it does not get damaged in transit.

When considering a personalised wall art name print, it is important to consider the cost of getting your print framed. Each name is a different size, with different animals that call for varying sizes of print. This means that these custom name prints are not always able to be kept to standard paper sizes such as A4, A3, A2. It can therefore be difficult to find a frame ready-made to fit your custom print.

So, please do remember that if you would like to get your print framed, this will be an additional cost to keep in mind when deciding if you would like to order a custom print. It does also mean that you can choose a beautiful frame that perfectly suits your little ones nursery decor! A good frame can also protect your print and further ensure its longevity.

Turn Around Times

Turn around times on names vary depending on a few factors:

  • I am currently still working through the alphabet and so some letters have not yet been brought to life.
  • There are also many names that have multiples of the same letter and while I may have one version of a letter ready to go, I may yet need to draw a second and new version for a double letter.
  • Different animals – if you would like a personalised name print but with animals of your choosing, depending on your exact requirements, the entire name may need to be drawn from scratch. This will be a much longer turn around but absolutely possible – I would love to create your bespoke custom name print for your little one!

If your artwork needs to be created from scratch, it can take up to 4-6 weeks (depending on exactly what is needed) to be ready for the printer. 

Once the artworks have been sent to the printer, the printing itself takes 3-10 business days. It is then carefully packaged and dispatched directly from our printer straight to you and your little one.

If you have any questions about turn around times not answered here, please get in touch via the form above or on our contact page.

My Process

  1. Many, many hours go into each and every letter artwork. First, I research animals that I could use for the letter. Then I play around with layouts of different animals on the letter to decide which animal to do, and how they should be positioned on the letter. Once I have an animal and layout decided on, I draw it using mostly coloured pencils, with some white pen for adding highlights, and a black sharpie for the letter. Occasionally I use a dab of paint if the white pen is not cutting it or if I cannot get the right colour I’m after from the pencils.
  2. The drawing phase can take anywhere from 3 days to 3-4 weeks! Depending on how hard I’m finding the animal to draw, and how much time I can find between #Mumlife and family duties, my day job and my freelancing business!
  3. Once the drawing is complete, it’s off to get scanned. My artworks are scanned by the same company who does the final printing. They specialise in fine art reproduction and their scanner is specifically designed for museums and archives, and can therefore capture in exquisite detail the qualities of the original artwork at high resolution.
  4. Once scanned, the file comes back to me and I clean it up, remove any dust specs, and fix up any rouge pencil marks. I also replace the hand drawn letter with a digital version. Originally I was going to keep these hand drawn letters for the final print, however I have discovered that my hand is just not that steady when trying to draw straight black lines and I felt that the hand drawn letters were simply not consistent enough for the final print.
  5. So the letters are replaced with digital versions and then I begin to lay out the name. This involves carefully spacing each letter to ensure the spacing looks right. I also play around with the layout of the animals where possible such as if there are two E’s in the name, I may try the layout with the E with the Echidna on it first and the E with the Emu on it second. Then switch them around to see if the name looks better with the Emu first, Echidna second.
  6. I then do a number of full size test prints on my home printer and tape them up on the wall to make sure the name’s layout is working and the size of the letters is suitable.
  7. Once I have finalised the layout design, I set the file up to the printers’ required specifications… then it’s finally OFF TO PRINT!

Printing itself takes 3-7 business days before being carefully packaged and dispatched directly from our printer straight to you and your little one.